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An Interview with Cartoonist Pawan

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Published on 31 December 2014

Written by Shubhang Saurav

Pawan is a renowned and popular name in the field of cartoons and caricatures. His cartoons need no introduction to the readers of various newspapers, magazines and signboards all around Bihar. What makes him out of the box is his understanding and implementation of current scenario in his cartoons. He highlights the specific traits of political figures and celebrities in such a comic and titillating way that the readers are left with no other option than to enjoy his cartoons. That is one of the major reasons that after more than two decades, his cartoons are still as popular and admired by the people as they were when he started.
In this article, Mr. Shubhang Saurav, a Patna native who is working on his Post Graduation Diploma in Multimedia Journalism at the Indian Institute of Journalism and New Media in Bengaluru, interviews eminent cartoonist from Bihar Pawan whose cartoon strips are quite famous and popular throughout the state. Apart from making cartoons majorly for Patna edition of Hindustan Times, he has also made cartoons on various awareness programs like AIDS and voting and other issues like railway safety measures that are displayed on various railway stations throughout Bihar.
In this interview excerpt, Pawan talks about the role of being a political cartoonist and the condition and scope for young cartoonists in Bihar:
Cartoon by Pawan
Cartoon by Pawan

Q: What makes you different from other political cartoonists?
A: The fact that I am not just a political cartoonist. I implement all sort of elements related to daily life of a common man. Whether it is a new gadget, trend or any current event, I try to represent it in my cartoons.
Q: What message your cartoons convey to society?
Cartoon by PawanCartoon by Pawan
A: Not all cartoons are meant for conveying messages. Some are just for fun and making your hectic day enjoyable. So, that is what my primary motive is while making the cartoons. However, often my cartoons depict some social cause related to politics or any activity that indirectly carry the message of awareness. My cartoon series on 'Masterji' was about a character that encouraged youths for voting. Apart from it, I have also made cartoons for AIDS awareness and Railway safety measures that are displayed at various railway stations throughout the state.

Q: You are making cartoons for a long time, any plans for future?
A: I love making caricatures. This is the passion of my life. In the future too, I want to continue improving upon my cartoons.
Q: What you have to say about the current political scenario in Bihar?
A: It needs significant improvement. In recent times, there have been a lot of development, but Bihar is still behind in the race of developed states and it can only be enhanced with a well-organized political system.
Q: You have made cartoons on a number of political figures and celebrities. Did you ever face any kind of objection from them?
A: In 1997, I made a series of cartoons on the then Chief Minister of Bihar, Lalu Prasad Yadav. Some of the members of RJD, that was the ruling party in state, found them offensive and warned me against it. I got a call from Mr. Yadav. However, when I met him, I found him supportive of my cartoons and he told me to continue the work without any fear. He was really pleased with my cartoons on him.
Cartoon by Pawan
Cartoon by Pawan

Q: You have been making cartoons since last two decades, still, your cartoons are as popular and liked as they were back then. Did you make any efforts for it or it just happened?
A: No, I never made any efforts. I just keep analyzing and implementing various elements of the society in my cartoons with changing times. For instance, if Google releases a new software or Apple launches a new iPhone, I include it in my cartoons and that is why, readers find it interesting.
Q: Are there any improvements in the field of politics through your cartoons?
A: The main motive behind me making cartoons has always been working for improvements in society and politics. I want to bring a change and for that, I have this skill.
Cartoon by Pawan
Cartoon by Pawan

Q: Cartoons are a significant element of fine arts, but unlike BHU, Varanasi, and Bharati Vidyappeeth, Pune, the education and training of fine arts in Bihar is very under-shadowed and neglected. According to you, what is the reason behind it?
Cartoon by Pawan
A: It is a known fact that most of the students in Bihar want to pursue a career in either medical or engineering. In addition to it, government hardly helps to encourage art colleges in the state. So, students move to other states like Maharashtra, Delhi or Karnataka to pursue the education and our own colleges are neglected. Apart from it, in India, cartoons are something that doesn't give you easy money. It is a field of patience and long-time hard work. Most of the youths who want to join this field expect a prosperous life in a short interval of time that just doesn't happen. Hence, they leave it and start to follow some other course. If you want to become a successful cartoonist, patience and hardship are the words.

Q: You have reached this popularity after years of struggle and hard work. Any messages to the new artists who want to make a career in this field?
A: Be ready for lots and lots of patience. Being an artist is not an easy thing. It takes time, but once you get started, it will be the best thing in your life. After all, being an artist is all about passion and satisfaction with your own life.

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